Sozumflex Secrets – Get Permanent Results With Easy Method

Embarrassing sexual encounters make you want to find the best premature ejaculation cure. Not just searching for it but making sure that you get permanent results. There are several products in the market that promises harder erections as well as guarantees that your premature ejaculation will instantly stop.

There products can fall short on their promises since first and foremost, the best and easy premature ejaculation cure should come from the inside rather on the outside. This means that what can help get you permanent results do not come from lotions, creams, chants or whatever topical in nature.

Waking up to the good news that you will soon be a 10 minute man would make you be a stud muffin in every woman’ s eyes.

Cure #1: Change Your Lifestyle

Did you know that eating too much high-caloric food can add to your premature ejaculation problems? Research shows that when you are on the verge of becoming obese, you rid your body of the right nutrients that are needed to maintain an erection. Once you get soft pretty fast, the tendency is for you to speed things up since once you come the first time, that’ s all you have to offer.

Cure #2: Practice the Stop and Go Method

This method happens to be a tried and tested tip in getting the best premature ejaculation cure and making sure it works on you. You will feel the time when you are getting close to an orgasm. You stiffen up, your breathing gets erratic and quicken your thrusting movements. Before you do step beyond the point of no return, teach yourself to relax by breathing slowly. You can train your reflexes to not go haywire once you feel so excited already.

Cure #3: Sexual Position for Her not You

It is time to let your woman take charge when you make love. Let her go on top of you and take you while you’ re lying down. This way she can move based on her own pacing and not yours. She will take it slow and prevent you from coming too fast.

For more in depth information, check out Sozumflex Secrets site today. Find out more about how to stop your premature ejaculation with natural ways.

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